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Performing & Visual Arts

Saint John’s Preparatory School believes in a well-rounded curriculum where students can develop an appreciation and passion for the Performing and visual arts.

Our liberal arts curriculum provides a focused and well-rounded education that nurtures the confidence, skill-sets, and encouragement our students need to succeed in college and beyond. Students are encouraged to further develop by participating in theatre, music, and/or studio art as part of their education. We prepare our students to be true artists with access to a unique breadth, depth and diversity of experiences.

With a wide-ranging curriculum that allows students to explore many different mediums, or master just one, we mix the traditional with the contemporary.




Learn by Creating
visual arts

Our visual arts program offers classes in drawing, painting, and ceramics, as well as photography and video production.


Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Video Production, IB Visual Arts

All students participate in Fine arts as part of our interdisciplinary curriculum.

Middle school students participate in visual and fine arts experiences daily.

Saint John’s Prep has 8 award winning musical ensembles to choose from.

It’s time to play Music

We are proud to offer a wide array of musical opportunities for Middle and Upper School students. From large bands and orchestras to choirs and instrumental ensembles, there are possibilities to perform for all ages and abilities.


Band, Chamber Choir, Chorus, String Ensemble, Jazz Band

We prepare our students to be true artists with access to a unique breadth, depth and diversity of experiences.

Private music lessons are included in tuition.

Onstage and technical theater experience are offered in middle and upper school.

Let’s be Drama(tic)

Our performing arts program produces concerts and shows ranging from Shakespeare and the Baroque to Broadway’s timeless musicals. One act plays and contemporary pieces are also staged by our talented actors and technical crews.

The Theatre Department performs four shows per year, Including a fall play and a spring musical.

"My kids have thrived at this school and have been afforded amazing opportunities to grow, not only as students, but also as human beings. The environment encourages individuality, supports different cultures and backgrounds, and prepares its students for future success by offering a real-life sampling of what they will encounter in college and beyond."
Jennifer, parent
"At Saint John’s Prep, everyone here is very welcoming and everyone each has their own unique personality."
Brenna, student
"One of my greatest achievements is that I'm involved in a lot of sports and activities and I am still able to maintain good grades. I love the environment at Prep, everyone is friendly and the academics are very good."
Anna, student from St. Joseph
"At Prep we have the ability to do and try so many things and that is such a blessing.  Students are encouraged to try new things despite never having done them before.  I have been encouraged to be more than just one type of person based on my activities; I can do sports, academic competitions, theatre, and clubs related to social good.  At other schools they don't blend all the interests of their students so freely and easily."
Libby, Student
"I like coming to Saint John's Prep because of the great teachers and many opportunities in extracurricular activities."
Connor, Student
"Prep gives me an excellent opportunity to focus on the things that I love."
Emily, Student